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Our Board of Directors

The mission of the Texas Horse Park Foundation is to create a world class equestrian center in the heart of the nation.  Members of our Board of Directors spearhead the Capital Campaign for raising private funds to support the Texas Horse Park.

Mitchell McCrea

Mitch currently serves as President. He is an attorney with a love for ranch life having grown up in southern New Mexico and southwest Texas. Contact Mitch: 214-498-7508.

Board Members

Paul Allen:  972-748-6978

Ben Casey: 214-616-2363

Pat Clements: 214-668-7826

Liz Cordia: 703-627-8764

Loree Cullum: 214-520-4722

Robin Drennon:  214-675-4478

Kacy Ellis: 214-507-0547

Milla Jones: 972-713-3575

Suzanne Murray: 214-651-5697

Carol Nichols:  214-507-9751  

Siobhan O'Brien: 972-467-4533

Jennifer Riley:  214-675-1160

Bo Slaughter:  214-405-7041


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